60 HD Anime Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Anime is one of the most favorite things people put on their wallpapers. It is not weird to see grown-ups having their desktops filled with Anime wallpapers. Anime takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to make and many people appreciate this. There are literally thousands of Anime wallpapers out their on the web and it is pretty difficult to find the best ones. This is where this post comes into the scene.

We have collected 60 best Anime wallpapers that we are sure you will like and apply them as your desktop background. You should also check high-resolution wallpapers and Windows 7 wallpapers.
Sseleman The White Demon

Sseleman The White Demon by checkered-fadora

Anime Wallpaper by Wallpaperdojo

Anime Wallpaper by Wallpaperdojo  – No longer available for download.

Soul Calibur 2 Anime

Soul Calibur 2 Anime by  Wallpaperdojo  – No longer available for download.

The Melancholy

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by danilo


Mystic by kidchan

Anime Wallpaper 1b

Anime Wallpaper 1b by Mulkao – No longer available for download.

Anime by Monkeyshack

Anime by Monkeyshack

Sephiroth Paper 

Sephiroth Paper by kuroitora

Saya and Diva

Saya and Diva – BLOOD+ by VictorianDame


Chun-Li by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Anime Girl Wallpaper

Anime Girl Wallpaper by Wallpaperstop

Anime Wallpapers 

Anime Wallpapers by Evilgirl0o0  – No longer available for download.

Kyoko wallpapers

Kyoko wallpapers by Mamucisko

8 Len Wallpapers

8 Len Wallpapers by Kaze-Hime – No longer available for download.

Vampire Knight Wallpaper Rondo

Vampire Knight Wallpaper Rondo by Junay  – No longer available for download.

Anime Wallpapers by Dro0

Anime Wallpapers by Dro0

Suki Dakara

Suki Dakara by Junay
Anime wallpapers by Tiwnuyan95

Anime wallpapers by Tiwnuyan95
Black Butler

Black Butler by Animewallpaper  – No longer available for download.

Black Butler

Chaotic Patrty by Animewallpaper  – No longer available for download.

We hope you like this HD wallpaper list of Anime characters. You should also checkout Funny wallpapers or Darth Vader Wallpapers if you are a star wars fan. Navigate to more pages of wallpapers using below links.

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