100 Best Cydia Apps of 2013

21. Landscape lock rotation

Landscape Lock Rotation

This tweak allows you to lock your iPhone screen in horizontal or vertical direction. This could come in handy if you don’t want your screen to move either in horizontal or in vertical direction.

22. Infinidock

It allows you to create more icons at the dock. Apple allows you to place only 4 icons in the dock, by using this tweak you can add more than 4 icons and furthermore you can also switch them to 5 screens.

23. xBackup

xBackup App

It is a backup app that allows the user to backup all his APT/DPKG sources and all your installed apps, so that you need not to install all of them again individually from cydia. Whenever needed you can restore them from the backup.

24. MT Gestures

MT Gestures

Multi-tasking gesture lets you four or five fingers to; pinch to the home screen, swipe up to reveal multi-tasking bar and to swipe left or right between applications.

25. Iconoclasm

It helps you to customize the icon layouts on your home screen, the iPhone provides a default layout of 4X4 sets, but you can change it through this tweak.

26. Data deposit

Data Deposit

This is a backup apps for iOS, it saves all your data to your dropbox account, from where you can share it with your friends or can restore them to another device.

27. Infinifolders

This tweak allows you to store more applications in your folders. (the default value by apple is 12)

28. vWallpaper

This allows you to run animated wallpapers or your videos or movie clips as your wallpaper. This is really cool but drains your battery faster.

29. SMS+

SMS + Plus

This app improves your iPhone messaging experience. It integrates itself itself with the default messaging application supplementing it with more functions.

30. AppSync

It helps you sync the applications that you haven’t bought using your own iTunes account via iTunes.

31. Locktopus


It provides you with the feature to add password to any or all of your apps and folders.

32. Live clock

Live Clock

This installs a real clock on your iPhone. The default clock app is strucked to a time, but this will make it run and show the exact real time.

33. iBlacklist


It allows you to configure the numbers from which you don’t want to receive any calls or messages. It also helps you to hide the messages. It also has provision for parental control, blocking outgoing calls, can be scheduled fully and much more. You can use it to block phone numbers and do a lot of other stuff to keep unknown callers and telemarketers at bay.

34. Gridlock


It allows you to place icons anywhere in the grid of the screen, thus breaking the restriction of the rows and cloumns.

35. Folder enhancer

As the name suggests it enhances the default features of the folders. Now, folders opens up faster, you can add 320 icons to the folder, can create folder inside the folder, it also contains features like hiding the folder name, wallpapers and disabling animations.

36. Reflective Dock

Reflective dock

It creates 3D reflection of the icons in the dock.

37. Weather icon

Weather Icon

This app gives live weather report directly to your iPhone.

38. Vibler

It makes your phone vibrate on any incoming calls, messages or missed calls.

39. bigU Movies app

It allows you to download, live stream and watch full length movies directly to your iPhone. It also provides connectivity solutions for your television set. You can watch full length high quality movies directly.

40. Pkgbackup

It is a simple easy to use backup solution for your iPhone. It allows you to backup and restore all your cydia apps. This also provides you with feature to send/share /exchange your list with the others.


  1. hessi - Reply

    hello guys.
    thank you very much for these best apps on cydia.
    I realy love androidlock XT
    with that pac-man theme.

  2. Ricki - Reply

    How can I get more than 11 pages is there a tweak for it?
    Thank you

    • naseem khan - Reply

      dear install springtomize 2 and make more pages after install 20 to 30 pages

  3. Sergio - Reply

    What is the source’s you use to download this app’s?

    • naseem khan - Reply


  4. Watch the andriodlockXt Ive used that on my iphone 4 it works great before I updated to ios6..I installed it again on ios6 and one day it locked me out of the phone.I did the right swipe password over and over it wouldnt let me in..Finally it worked then I uninstalled it…..Its buggy



  6. Anonymous - Reply

    Just to tell you. Instalous is no longer available.

  7. a - Reply

    repo pls

  8. Hiren - Reply

    What about installous api error. Ireally woory about it. I solve all the solution but it not solved

    • naseem khan - Reply

      installous is blocked u can install app cake

  9. james - Reply

    how can i add another dock when i go to the background running apps

    • Uzair - Reply

      Let’s see if someone else can contribute an idea here for you.

  10. sa'adi - Reply

    for me the best cydia tweaks
    springtomize 2

    • Uzair - Reply

      Thanks for your contribution.

  11. cydiahelper560 - Reply

    I love the android lock screen thanks for sharing all of them! i have a ipod touch 3g 5.1.1 that is jailbreaked but its so slow 😛 so im gonna jailbreak my iphone 4 5.1.1 but i hate that i lose my warranty :( but its worth it :=)

  12. Nathaniel - Reply

    Great list

  13. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time
    I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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