5 iPad Apps for Time Pass

The scene is; you are stuck in a dumb moment,  you are waiting for someone or something, or maybe you are just bored with your work schedule and your iPad seems to be the most useful friendly device that would help you get out this awkward time. Well! Worry not, there are so many time pass iPad apps that will help you to kill the time or get over the boredom.

In this post, we have collected 5 best time pass iPad apps that will also help you to be better at what these apps have to offer.

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1. Geocoaching

Remember the good old days of Hide and Seek? Well! this game is a perfect digital substitute for the game. The game uses GPS of your phone to mark your location and then you have to unfold some containers in different parts of the city. The containers can be reached through the clues laid in the way. The game is more of a treasure hunt to be more accurate and will finally leave you with some surprises and at the same time intrigue you to play more.

2. Netflix

You will need a paid Netflix account to use this app but that’s Okay since it allows you to enjoy thousand of movies TV serials on your iPad. Streaming is quite stable and plays flawlessly through Wi-Fi and 3G. Although, if you discover some problems with the streaming it’s a fault with your carrier and there is no point blaming this app. [Find on App Store]

3. Qrank

This app is the best suited for those who want to get something even out of boredom. The app challenges your brain by checking your recalling power/IQ. This app offers you 26 questions every day from 4 different categories to check your esoteric knowledge. After you finish each quiz session you are awarded badges and scores that you can then compare with your friends on Facebook and also brag about points and awards you got in return to your genius IQ.


GarageBand for iPad may not be equivalent to its desktop version, but it melds in-depth recording, tons of loops, and Smart Instruments into one killer audio creation app. Ever since its launch in Summer 2010, GarageBand for iOS has managed to make millions of fans and user-base. [Find on App Store]

5. Bing

Bing is a visually rich app from the Software giant, Microsoft. This app lets you search and browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local businesses, trending topics, perform vocal searches, and much more on the go. You can fire up this app and have the world’s information in your palms. [Find on App Store]

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