OMGPOP Online Pool

The 3 Best Online Pool Games

There are many games available in the market that help us get past boredom and kill some time. These games range from freakishly addictive MMORPG to simple nostalgic games. One can go on searching and […]


wmpnetwk.exe – What it is and How to Fix it

What is wmpnetwk.exe? wmpnetwk.exe is a process that executes and manages Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. It is used to share Windows Media Player libraries. Sometimes, the Wmpnetwk.exe can be an incognito Virus, trojan, worm or a spyware […]

Mac OS X

60 HD Anime Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Anime is one of the most favorite things people put on their wallpapers. It is not weird to see grown-ups having their desktops filled with Anime wallpapers. Anime takes a lot of time, effort and […]

No Picture

30 HD Funny Wallpapers for Desktop

We all use computers and laptops for work as well as fun. Sometimes it is just not enough though. Sometimes, even playing video games can bore you and you need something different to look at […]

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