Install windows Movie Maker

How To Install Windows Movie Maker in 5 Steps

There was a time when Microsoft used Movie Maker as a marketing tool for their Operating System but with the passage of time they decided to knock it off. Windows  Movie Maker comes as a stock app for […]

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Top 7 Pristine Kindle Leather Cases

Amazon Kindle is currently Amazon’s best selling device which is quite understandable judging by the unique features it has to offer for everyone and especially for our reading aficionados. Many designers and manufacturers have taken advantage of it […]


Outlook 2010 Archive Not Working? How to Fix it

There are several issues that result in outlook 2010 archive not working, these include; Archive data suddenly disappears, outlook data freezes, corrupted archive files, Full archive mail box, and Modified file date problems. Auto-archive is […]

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How to Encrypt Files In Windows 7

The process in which data is transformed into a form called ciphertext to secure it from eavesdroppers, hackers or unauthorized people is called encryption. Thus, it is a foolproof way of protecting your files and […]

Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse
Computer Accessories

Top 15 Bluetooth Mouse Options

Even after the advent of tabs and smartphones with super-sensitive touch screens, Mouse still remains the most trusted and preferred navigation tool to perform both simple gestures as well as complex gaming manoeuvres. This is attributed to the fact […]

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Is Microsoft Security Essentials Good?

Microsoft Security Essentials is a decent bid from Microsoft to protect your Windows 7 or earlier Versions of Windows. The protection kit is free, fast and does a good job at protecting your PC from threats including viruses and […]

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